About Us

Hola! My name is Adriana and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina - country of the tango, Che Guevara and Evita. I have lived in Wellington since 2002 and despite the wind, I love this city.

I have an IT degree and a specialisation in ELE (Teaching Spanish as a Second Language). In Argentina, Spanish is our first language.

I have experience teaching not only Spanish, but also other subjects to adults and children. I am passionate about teaching and my style focuses on every day, useful communication. My students quickly learn to speak some Spanish.

Having learnt English as a second language, I know about the frustration of learning formal grammar, but being left not knowing how to communicate in the supermarket. This definitively will not happen to you at Viva Spanish.


When I am not looking for new material or getting my class material ready, I enjoy reading Argentine newspapers on the internet and listening to Latin American music.

My husband Carlos is helping me at VIVA SPANISH. He has worked for different international companies and ran his own training company in Buenos Aires. He has taught at the Argentine University of Business and at New Zealand International Campus, Upper Hutt. Today he has an administrative position at the Embassy of Spain in Wellington

He has a National Certificate in Adult Education and has also attended a seminar on Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

Carlos was the president of the Spanish and Latin American Club of Wellington (2005 - 2007), plays tennis and like me, is fan of Boca Juniors, the famous football team from Argentina.

We have taught more than 2,700 students since lauching in February 2006...

Teaching Style

Our courses are designed to give you practical communication skills, with an emphasis on being able to speak some useful Spanish. Basic structures are built up so you can take your learning to any level.

All courses include:
  • Classroom activities
    Teacher-student and student-student classroom activities with plenty of speaking practice.

  • Living Spanish:
    Video lessons, live listening and role plays are used to stimulate language comprehension. Small number of students per class – facilitates opportunities of talking, asking question to our Latin American teachers and better learning.

  • Teaching Materials:
    Different courses use different materials, but in all of them we emphasise the use of “authentic material “. By this we mean recent Spanish books and magazines, booklets, brochures, newspapers, advertisements, popular songs, videos from TV programmes, as well as the usual teaching tools.
“We facilitate the learning of Spanish language to motivated people in a supportive, practical and cost-effective way.”

We are facilitators. We will help you to learn from native teachers by providing tools, materials and a comfortable environment.

If you are motivated to make the first step, we are ready to teach you at your speed. Our courses are for people from all walks of life and you do not need experience learning Spanish, or any other language. Attitude is everything.

We will support and encourage your learning. You can trust us and rely on us to help you.

Learning a language is about communication. This means being able to talk to the taxi driver, answer the phone and ask for directions in the street. Being ready for everyday, practical situations makes a real difference.

We are committed to protect your investment by providing a cost effective and reliable service.