Terms and Conditions

Online classes:
The course material will be sent by post to the student's registered address. We encourage students to register online and let Viva Spanish Know about any change of address. Additional material may be sent be email. Some classes may be recorded to be sent to students that cannot attend the class. If for any reason you do not want to be recorded, please let us know before your first class, and we will not do it. If there is any technical problem or a fault in Viva's Internet connection, the class will resume once the problem is solved or will be rescheduled. If there is any technical problem or poor Internet connection that may affect the delivery of the class on the student's place, Viva Spanish may send the class content or the class recording, but will not repeat the class,

Booking and Payment
Full payment of each course is required before the starting date of the course. Places in each class will be confirmed on a "FIRST PAY-FIRST SERVED" basis.
One-to-one clases will be invoiced in groups of four classes. Full payment for each group is required in advance.

Payments may be made using any of the following:
Bank transfer to: VIVA SPANISH LIMITED, Account # 02-0500-0886450-00

Cancellation and Refunds
Viva Spanish reserves the right to cancel any course prior to commencement if minimum number of 4 students has not been met or if for any reason a course cannot be delivered as planned. If the number of students is 4 or less Viva Spanish can decide to run the course, cancel it or cover the course content in less time than the 16 hours originally planned. If the course is cancelled, any course fees already paid will be refunded in full.

Cancellation of bookings
If a student cancels his/her booking, the following fees will apply:
50% of any payment received will be refund providing a written notice (e-mail or fax) is given to VIVA SPANISH not less than 15 days before the beginning of the course

If a student withdraws from, or ceases to attend, a course at any time after it has started, the course fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. Transfers to future terms are not possible either.

Missed classes are non refundable. Catch-up classes may be provided at Viva Spanish's discretion on the following basis:

Course Amendment
If for any reason, it is necessary to reschedule a session, you will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange a new date.

There is no charge for substitution. If a participant is not able to attend, he/she can be replaced by a relative or friend in the same course at the same time. Please advise us of the new attendees' details. The new student will be asked to agree with these Terms and Conditions.

Changing courses
If you decided to change courses for any reason once it has started, the change will be subject to availability in the course you want to swap to. There will be an additional charge of $20 for the manual of the new course.