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Study online in a supportive, practical and cost-effective way. We offer private and group Zoom lessons. Learn Spanish from the comfort of your home!

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Ready to make your dream of speaking Spanish come true?

Learning another language is an incredibly rewarding pursuit, and we are excited to support you on your journey!

Term 3 starts Monday 11 July

Beginners 1

This course is designed for those who are brand new to learning Spanish. Classes are via Zoom once a week on Friday  5:30-7:30pm. Total of 16 hours over 8 weeks.

Starts Friday 15 July 2022

Total course cost: $175

Spanish for Travellers

Designed for people who are planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country . Classes are via Zoom once a week on Saturday  9:00-11:00 am. Total of 16 hours over 8 weeks.

Starts Saturday 23 July 2022

Total course cost: $199

Join Thousands of Happy Students

After 17 years teaching Spanish in Wellington, this year we’re taking our popular courses online. Join our interactive online lessons and learn Spanish in a fun an enjoyable way.

17 Years

We have extensive experience teaching Spanish.

2500+ Students

We’ve taught thousands of students from all walks of life.

Spanish Experts

We ONLY teach Spanish as a Foreign Language

Native Speakers

We were born in Argentina and know the language inside out. 

What our students say about us

"Adriana is an excellent teacher! She is very patient and encouraging. She is thoroughly professional and knowledgeable. She prepares interesting materials and is always organised. And she has not only helped me keep what Spanish I had, but also improve - I am happy to recommend her."

Karen Ferris

I started as a complete beginner and am very pleased with how I’ve progressed. Adriana makes things very easy to understand, is patient and supportive, and has a great sense of humour. Learning Spanish with Adriana is a highlight of my week and I really couldn’t recommend it more!

Mary Baines

I started learning Spanish with Viva Spanish in 2013. All the courses are well-structured with a focus on the grammar and vocabulary that you would need for travel, work or study in a Spanish-speaking country. I would definitely recommend Viva Spanish to anyone in NZ wanting to study Spanish online.

Wendy Marshall

"Working with Adriana has been amazing for my Spanish language skills—we go at my pace and each lesson is individualized based on my needs. My husband who is from Spain has been impressed with the amount I have learned in a relatively short time. I can now better communicate with my mother and father in law!"

Anna McCartney-Melstad

Hola, we are Adriana and Carlos

Spanish Teachers in New Zealand

Originally from Argentina, but we’ve been calling New Zealand home for almost 20 years. After 17 years of experience teaching Spanish in Wellington, this year we’re taking our popular courses online and making them available to anyone in New Zealand.

“Learning a language is about communication. This means being able to talk to the taxi driver, answer the phone and asking for directions in the street.

Being ready for everyday, practical situations make a real difference. This is the way we teach.”

Online Spanish Courses

Classes take place in a friendly environment with a limited number of students per class, giving the opportunity for an interactive and conversational approach.

Beginners Spanish students

Spanish for Beginners

The starting point of your Spanish learning journey! 

Couple on a Spanish holiday

Spanish for Travellers

This is your language “survival kit” for your next trip.

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Private Lessons

Learn Spanish 1-1. Let us create a learning plan specially for you. 

Why Choose Us

We have been teaching ONLY Spanish since 2006. Over the years, we’ve worked with more than 2,500 students!

Originally from Buenos aires, Argentina we are experts in teaching ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language)

We teach private lessons 7 days a week. Get in touch to arrange a time that fits around your other commitments.