Frequently Asked Questions

  • Spanish language is only one. As it happens with English, there are some differences between American English, British English or Kiwi English; however the root of the language is the same. With the Spanish you will learn at VIVA SPANISH you can go to any Spanish speaking country and they will understand you. Some things are called different but the basics are the same. Strawberries are “fresas” and pineapple is “piña” in Spain while they are “frutillas” and “ananá” in Argentina. Some pronunciation may be different but not big deal. No worries.
  • Despite we focus in communication, developing writing and reading skills are very important to fix ideas and helping to learn the language; this is why you will have some homework to do between classes.
  • We teach grammar by using it, not for the sake of grammar. You must know some to understand how the language works. We always focus in communication. It does not worth knowing the rules if you do not know how to use them.
  • There are many factors in learning a language. How good student you are, how much additional time do you study at home, how much do you dare to talk in class are some of them. And of course, same than with sports or arts, some people have more natural skills to learn than others. Letters are the same, there are many similar words and we’ll help you to make learning easy!

Usually 6 to 8 and we do not have more than 12

  • No worries. You will receive a link of the recorded class. You should view it before the following class.

No sorry. According with our “Terms and conditions” we do not offer any refund once the course has started. Under very special and exceptional circumstances we may consider a partial credit  to be used in a future course.

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries. And more than 50 million people speak Spanish in the US (more than in Spain).

There are many factors to consider. Natural skills, weekly time allocated, contact with native speakers, quality of teachers….Having said that to be fluent in a language takes several years. 

Let us know where, when and for how long you have studied. We will make an initial assessment based on it and will contact you to discuss further.

We expect payment before the first class.

No, sorry. We are convinced of the quality of our teaching. You will not be wrong learning Spanish with us

No sorry. All our classes are delivered online via Zoom.

Still got questions? Get in touch! We are more than happy to help.